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Web Tools: Audio and Video

Some players and viewers you may come across while surfing and the web.
 Feel free to suggest a web utility!


To listen to RealAudio or view RealVideo, you'll need the latest version of the RealPlayer. Which now supports mp3, wav, avi files and more. The latest Real Player can be downloaded for free,  the Plus is payable.


To listen to mp3's you can use your new real player or any other mp3 player. Sonique offers a free mp3 player, with various shapes and graphic equalizer options when listening.  Coolest player. 

Windows Media Player

The Windows Media Player allows you to play Windows Media, .avi video, and .wav sound files.  This player is usually included in mot window based systems, but downloaded for free from if you need it.


QuickTime is needed to view movies in the .mov format. By Apple, but not exclusively for Apples. 





Adobe Reader

Acrobat reader 4.0 - Document Viewer used for professional documents.

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