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Major Game Demo Sites
Demoland - The name says it all.
- Demos, strategy, cheats, and more.
Gigex - Top 50 Download List
Happy Puppy - Demos, news, cheats and hints....
Jumbo Games - Search by categories or OS.
ZDNET- Game Downloads in numerous categories. - computer game event gateway containing 
14 active prizematch/event entries.  Quack III, Unreal, Half-Life, 
and Age of Empires II.
  • 3DO Army Men, Gulf War, Heroes
    Go to support on main page for Patches.
  • Activision Battlezone II, Dark Reign II, Soldier of Fortune, Star Trek Armada & Insurrection + Voyager, and Vampire Patches - Demos
  • Blizzard Diablo, Starcraft - The best game ever!, WarCraft I-III
  • Blue Byte Dragon's Lair 3D, and Shadowpact Check individual games for demos linked to ZDNET
  • Bullfrog Dungeon Keeper, and Theme Park World  Click on Games for support and patches.
  • Cavedog Entertainment Amen, Good & Evil, and Total Annihilation. In page support info.
  • Dynamix Desert Fighters, Pro Pilot 2001, and Tribes 2 Lower rt. corner for patches and demos.
  • EA Sports FIFA 2001, Madden NFL 2001, NBA Live 2001, NHL 2001, Tiger Woods 2001, Triple Play 2001, and Rugby 2001. Go to EA for demos here for patches.
  • Eidos Interactive Abomination, Anachronox, Braveheart, Commandos 2, Cutthroats, Daikatana, Deus Ex, Legacy of Kain, Omikron, Revenant, Saboteur, Thief 2, and Urban Chaos. Excellent patches and driver section. 
  • Empire Interactive Enemy Engaged, MIG Alley, Motor Racing, Pro Pinball, Sheep, Stars!, and Wargamer. Nice Demo and patches support section.
  • Fox Interactive Alien Resurrection, Croc 2, Die Hard Trilogy 2, NBA 2001, NHL 2001, and Planet of the Apes. Couldn't find any demos or patches.
  • G.O.D. Gathering of Developers Age of Wonders, Darkstone, Fly!, Grand Theft Auto 2, Kiss Psycho Circus, Max Payne, Nocturne, and Rune. Check by title.
  • GT Interactive 1602 A.D., Driver, Imperium Galactica 2, Team Alligator, Unreal Mission Pack, Unreal Tounament, The Chosen, and Duke Nukem. Check by titles for demos and patches.
  • Hasbro Interactive Clue Chronicles, Missle Command Classic, Monopoly II, Pong, Q*Bert, Scrabble, The Next Tetris, and Trival Pursuit. Support 
  • IMagic Games Flash Point, Monopolization, Red Fury, Road to Moscow, Seven Kingdoms II, Shadow Company, and Wall Street Tycoon
  • Interplay Productions Descent: Freespace 2, F/A-18E Super Hornet, Giants, Kingpin, Klingon Academy, MDK 2, Messiah, Planescape, Star Trek: New Worlds & Starfleet Command
  • Lucas Arts Indiana Jones, Star Wars Eposode I & Force Commander
  • Microprose Avalon Hill's Diplomacy, B-17 Flying Fortress, GP500, Gunship III, Majesty, M1 Tank Platoon II, Sid Meier's Civilization III, and X-Com Alliance
  • Microsoft Games Age of Empires, Alleglance, Asheron's Call, Conquest, Flight Simulator, Freelancer, Links 2000's, Loose Cannon, NBA 2000's, NFL 2000's, and Starlancer
  • Novalogic Armored Fist, Comanche, Delta Force, Maximum Overkill, Tachyon, and Wolfpack
  • Psygnosis Drakan, Expert Pool, Hired Guns, Metal Fatigue, Nations: WWII, Panzer Elite, and Pro 18
  • Ripcord Games GorkaMorka, Legend of the Blade Masters, Noble Armada, and Spec Ops
  • Sierra Sports Professional Bull Rider, Field & Stream Trophy Bass 3D & Trophy Buck
  • Sierra Studios Babylon 5 Space Combat Simulator, Gabriel Knight III, Half-Life, Homeworld, Middle Earth, Orcs, Pharaoh, SWAT 3, and Team Fortress 2
  • SSI Inc. Close Combat IV, Flanker 2.0, Harpoon, Panzer General III Assault, Pool of Radiance II, Reach for the Stars, Rites of War, Silent Hunter II, and Steel Panthers IV


  • Aklaim WWF Attitude, All Star Baseball '00, South Park
  • Capcom Street Fighter, Resident Evil
  • Namco Motocross go, alpine racer, tekken 3

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